Sponsor A Pet

Some pets are destined to spend their lives at our centers as they cannot be released or adopted.
You can help us take care of these lovely pets by contributing towards their upkeep.



Sasha came to us long ago along with three tiny pups. The entire family were like skeletons, white in colour and in terrible condition. She had bitten some Security Guard while protecting her little ones and she had been caught and sent to our Deonar Centre for this. We started treatment for all, but the little ones were too sick to make it. AS we looked after Sasha, she slowly filled out and it was found that she actually had a beautiful coat of a lovely light orange colour. Of course with only friends and well-wishers around at our Centre, she really blossomed and then we decided to send her back to location at nearby Cheddanagar. Unfortunately, she was again beaten by another guard, tried to bite him and once again came back to us. We have never seen this side of her personality. It is a puzzle to us, as Sasha has many good friends at our Centre and she is a dignified, sweet natured dog. In fact she has some best friends as well among our staff members. All a street dog needs is kindness it seems. Waiting for a Sponsor now. Do hope you choose her!



It is difficult to meet a more pleasant natured dog than Minnie, this charming little resident dog who is at our Deonar Centre. She is a hit with visitors and volunteers alike. One of our volunteers, a Veterinary student confessed he comes in to volunteer because he loves to meet this little dog! She came to us in a strange way. She was simply brought in one day by one of the BMC Vans which also bring in dogs for ABC to our Centre on a daily basis. Her records were lost and the Officer in charge at that time retired shortly after she was lodged at our Centre, so we have not been able to find out where she was brought from. Location is extremely important for each dog brought in. They cannot be left just anywhere. So now Minnie as we fondly named her, is very much with us and has become one of our resident dogs. Do sponsor her - she is a lovely little dog and we are privileged to have her in our care.



Shridhar was a tiny pup when he came into the Centre with his mom and sister. His mom died as she was in a very bad condition and later his little sister passed away too. From that time, this lovely dog has been with us as a beloved Resident Dog. He has some special friends at the Centre, like Salunke, who mans our helpline and makes it a point to meet and greet him every day. He really likes his food and has a pleasant nature. Just waiting to be sponsored like all his friends.



Babu was left with us by Asst Selvi who used to work with the puppies and kittens. This was quite a few years ago and he has been with us ever since. He is very playful and friendly and loves to fool about with the younger dogs as soon as they are released every afternoon from their enclosure for the daily exercise. He is always there to welcome visitors and is another of our much loved Resident Dogs waiting to be sponsored.



Laxmi is a lovely calm and quiet dog who resides at our Deonar Centre. Some years ago, she was brought in from nearby Kurla as she had a terrible maggot wound in her pelvic area. She was brought in by the night van. Looking at this beautiful dog, you would not think she had anything wrong with her. And now, she is healthy and happy living as one of our resident dogs. She is just waiting for Sponsors now to help with her upkeep.



Soni is a beautiful 7 year old female. She came in about five years ago along with her pups as the whole family was being treated in a cruel fashion by an Educational Institute where they were locked in a cage at night. Soni has become a well-loved member of the IDA Deonar family and is now always in her element; an energetic playful dog and quite a favourite with the Staff.

Location: Deonar Centre


Pixie is a charming 6 year old female, who loves lounging around in the sun or under the washbasin to keep cool when it's hot.

She has a very pleasant nature, shy but at the same time is friendly, always smiling and is ready to play catch me if you can with you.

Location: Deonar Centre


Dolly-girl is another of our naughty young dogs, big and well built and smiley as can be.. She has an extremely loud bark, is super alert and guards the gates of IDA like a night watchman (She actually keeps the night guard company on his rounds).

She was rescued as a puppy, and is now eagerly waiting to be adopted into a loving home of her own.

Location: Deonar


Daisy-Lee is one of our young dogs and is about 3 years of age.

She is shy yet very loving once she familiarizes herself with you, she does come across as a very naughty girl with her expressive face...

Location: Deonar Centre


Sara is our beautiful railway track rescue. She lost her leg because of a bad accident, but is such a fabulous dog with the sweetest nature and she is big and well built. Gentle, curious, yet shy, Sara loves a gentle pat or a ear scratch from everyone who visits the center.

Location: Deonar Centre


Sanju is one of our smaller older resident dogs, she is shy with a to herself but very appealing to all she has only half her eyesight, but has a very sharp nose which tells her exactly where the kitchen is to get her tit-bits before the others do.

Sanju loves lying in the sun and getting her vitamin D and rolling around the paver blocks that have been put recently.

Location: Deonar Centre


Goofy unlike his name is handsome and sensible looking, he's quite the adventurer climbing up and down the piles of mud and sand at the center to investigate if there is anything interesting inside for him.

Goofy is now about 10 years old and has a lovely grey coat to add to his looks. Goofy also likes sitting on the bench outside the gift shop with his companions in the evenings.

Location: Deonar Centre


Balu a quiet sweet little waggy tailed smiley boy lost a leg when he was very young, but he doesn't let that hamper him at all.

He loves interacting with humans & animals alike and basking in the sun when he comes out of the resident ward enclosure! Balu is about 7 years old now.

Location: Deonar Centre


Bruno is one of the most handsome dogs at the Deonar Centre and knows it and flaunts it too! Alpha of the resident pack Bruno is now about 8 years old and you will find him outside the Gift Shop on the bench squashed up with two other dogs or with the others sunning himself on the paver blocks or sand pile.

Location: Deonar Centre