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Sponsor A Pet Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested here are a few frequently asked questions to help you make the decision

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What is the cost and procedure to Sponsor A Pet?

You can sponsor a pet for AS LITTLE AS Rs. 1000/- SIX MONTHLY and Rs. 2000/- annually. You are most welcome to sponsor more than one dog at a time as well.

Please contact our staff at any of the IDA centers and they will be happy to assist you with the formalities.

Does sponsoring come under donations and is it tax deductible?

You will be eligible for tax exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act.

Can I select which dog to sponsor?

Certainly you can select a dog to sponsor. Our staff at the IDA centers will show you the dogs in need of sponsorship. We have a lot of community dogs that have reached to us, either because they are abused by animal haters or ill treated and abandoned by the "owner" because he or she has become old or because the "owner" has shifted abroad. Then there are dogs that came to our centre for treatment, but after treatment we felt they were unfit to survive on the road, so we sheltered them at our centre. We have few blind and old dogs that need extra care and attention. All these are our community dogs. You may select any of them for sponsorship.

Must I only sponsor a dog? Can I sponsor other animals?

You can sponsor either Dogs or Cats. We do not have sponsorship for any other animals. However we have plenty of dogs and cats for sponsorship to choose from. The photos of these dogs and cats are posted on the website for you to choose from and you are also welcome to come to the centers and choose them in person.

How will I know the status and welfare of the dog? Do I get reports?

We will send you periodic updates and recent photographs of your adopted dog. You may also visit the dog whenever you wish. You just have to call and let us know you are coming and we shall escort you into the center. We certainly encourage you to spend time with the dogs you have sponsored. All our community dogs are vaccinated against viral diseases like rabies and distemper.

What happens if the sponsored dog dies within the sponsorship period?

If your adopted dog dies due to some illness, the sponsorship will be transferred to another dog instead.