Phase II- Spay / Neuter Camps for Dogs on Elephanta Island: December 2015- May 2016

IDA India has been struggling for several years to reach out to dogs living on the island of Elephanta Caves, 10 km off the coast of Mumbai, and a major tourist attraction for its amazing caves. There is a small community of local inhabitants living and the only way to reach is by sea boats and ferries. This island is completely unapproachable in the rainy season on our coast; from June to October. We were unable to do anything for these animals which was making us feel helpless. In December 2014, a survey was undertaken by us on the island and we found approximate 150 dogs on the island, mostly starved and malnourished, most females pregnant with wounds and puppies all around. A project was thus planned and accordingly we spay/neutered 46 dogs in two camps in March and April 2015. We consider this attempt a big success considering we had to make arrangements from scratch; potable water, electricity etc. was limited and all including the Vets were busy lugging portable luggage including operating tables, a power generator, and all items needed for the surgery from the ferry to the temporary premise given to us by the villagers, besides drawing water manually from a well and another one which had a hand pump! Now that the rainy season is over, we propose to spay/neuter as many dogs as we can in Phase-II, in 2015-2016 till the next rainy season of 2016.

It is only your generosity that will see us through this second phase successfully. onsidering the distance, difficult commute with complete set up for the camp, arrangement for power generator, use of expensive soluble sutures to help post-op recovery, we expect the cost of spay / neuter per dog to be around Rs. 3,000/- or USD 50/-.  Please support this project, as every contribution will help these animals!!

Donate by credit card or Bank transfer. Details on the Donation link on the website.