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Raja The Taxi Walla By Fizzah Shah

Seven Bungalows taxi stand in Andheri (west) is known for 24 hours availability of taxies & friendly taxi drivers. Along with them is Raja taxiwalla, a big black & white furry dog-wearing cautious expressions roaming or sitting near the ta

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Freedom Of 'Kalli' The Bulbul

Once, on one of my dog-feeding trips to D N road Andheri, a boy came to me quite excitedly, holding a small box in his hand quite excitedly, and explained to me that this small baby bulbul had fallen from the tree on his roof and he had rescued he

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The Prayer Of A Stray

Dear GOD please send me somebody who'll care!I'm tired of running. I'm sick with despair.My body is aching; it's so racked with pain,And dear GOD I pray as I run in the rain. That someone will love me and give me a home,A wa

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Ban Cruelty To Buggy Ponies

Two Mumbai based organizations In Defence Of Animals (IDA INDIA); working for the welfare of animals and Bombay society for prevention of cruelty to animals (BSPCA) had jointly organized Ban Buggy Save Pony Protest at NCPA, Nariman point, Mumbai o

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Jumbo By Goodicia Vaidya

I have named him 'Jumbo' rightly so because he is a huge dog of 30 kgs. - big, broad and fat as the 'Jumbo' plane itself. He resides at Bandra Reclamation in my husband's office. He used to literally sit all day, curled up in a chair, which was sm

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Retirement & Care Of Police Sniffer Dogs

For 3 years IDA India has been requesting the Mumbai Police Department to put in place a scheme of retirement for The Police Sniffer Dogs, who work relentlessly for sniffing out drugs and bombs, and detecting crime. Presently there is no such sche

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The Oath Of A Compassionate Child

I shall never hurt an animal. I shall never buy pets from pet shops - animals are not toys. Zoo animals are already suffering being away from their natural habitat. I shall support wild life sanctuaries and national parks.

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Cruelty Behind Leather Products

'Hide'ous cruelty behind every leather productsNot many people are aware of the cruelty that is hidden in their shoes, watches, jacket, and even car seats. A closer look at the surface reveals that that hip bag you are clutching in your han

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Animal Welfare In India

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