Guardian Angel Programme
All these dogs you are about to meet, were helpless on the street before they came to IDA. They are the elderly, abandoned, have health problems, blind or are handicapped with special needs.

We believe that like our human companions they too deserve and have the right to live in safety and comfort. Their needs are simple, and they appreciate everything we do for them and if they are content, well fed, healthy and happy, we know we have done our job well.

Please do be a partner in this wonderful work and sponsor a dog of your choice for just Rs.10,000/- a year.

With your kindness and generosity, you will make every difference in allowing us to help them.


Hello all! I have a nice name, it's Mala and even though I'm old and I'm blind, I'm a sweet little dog.

My great friend in Chembur was Mr. Rajesh Khanna who looks after many many dogs in that area. He used to feed us so well, that we really learnt to love people and we all became friendly with all in the locality as a result. Rajesh noticed that I was slowly losing my sight and when he thought I couldn't manage anymore on the road at Collector's Colony, he made arrangements for me to come to this very nice place, IDA India Deonar Centre. I'm happy here. I have a nice cool room in which to relax, when it is hot, fans keep us cool. When we get sick, the Doctors carefully make us well again, I am undergoing a hair fall treatment at the moment and will be happy and healed in a jiffy. I like the staff and the week-end volunteers. All are kind and love us dogs (and some of them love cats too!!)

Now I just need one more person to really care for me, and that is you my Guardian Angel. Just waiting for you to choose me so hurry up!


Hi, I'm Jenny and came to our Deonar Centre in 2014. I used to stay in Chembur Phule Market near the slum area. I had many friends but slowly I started losing my sight. Vijay Gorde, a poor man, was very worried about me as I was having trouble living on the road. This kind man brought me here to the Center and I've stayed here ever since. All the people here are so kind and take good care of me.

Now all I need is a Guardian Angel and I'm sure it is you.


Hi my Caretakers call me Mr. Biscuit, but I'm really actually a big tough guy and all my doggy friends in the Blind Ward know this only too well. I was found by a kind girl called Devika near the Chembur Garden. She was worried because I couldn't see very well so she got me into this lovely Centre at Deonar on 29th August 2016, where I have very comfortable quarters, a cozy couch to lie on if I like and lots of good food to eat every day. I have also been sent to the Eye Doctor and now I am on medicine which might help my sight.

Wish me luck! But I will be the luckiest dog in Mumbai if I have a wonderful person to be my Guardian Angel. I hope it is you.


My name is Winky and you can see why! I know I look handsome and the wink helps! A poor lady in Kurla West who looks after the street dogs there, called up IDA India after my one eye got badly injured in a terrible fight. I was brought to Deonar in 2013 by the IDA India Ambulance and had to have an operation on my badly injured eye. I lost my poor eye and the other eye had a bad cataract so finally I couldn't see at all. No problem, these kind people look after me so well and I have so many good friends here as well.

Now I only need one more; a dear Guardian Angel like you.


Imagine this, 5 years ago I used to live in a tabela with cows and buffaloes for company and I also lost my sight. I got into the habit of snapping at people because they carelessly stamped on my paws and hurt me passing by. Luckily a kind woman Beena Thakkar noticed my plight and called IDA, India. I have a fun group of good doggie friends to mingle, my best friend being Tommy, we do everything together. I am taken for walks by my volunteer friends and treated very well by all at IDA.

Now I just need one loving Guardian Angel to complete my life!


Two years ago I caught a very bad eye infection, living on the street near mankhurd station, the infection was so very bad that it quickly spread and I lost sight in both my eyes, I just could not see where I was going at all. One fine day, I wandered onto the railway track and I would have been hit by a train, but I was picked up just in the nick of time as the IDA, India van had come on a call nearby and spotted me standing on the tracks. They saved my life that day, I was brought to the center and have been living here happy and safe ever since.

All I need now is a guardian angel like you.


I've always stayed in Vikhroli and slowly started losing my sight, I liked to walk about my locality and check everything out, however I started bumping into things. Fortunately a friend of mine laxman living in the police quarters noticed my issue and called IDA, India. When I was brought to the Deonar Center the vets confirmed that I was completely blind. I've been staying in this comfortable place since January 2017. Thanks to my policeman friend I am now safe and sound with a lot of other blind doggie friends for company.

I am just waiting for my own special guardian angel.


Hi, I'm Bella and i'm a very good-looking high energy fun loving girl. I was brought to Deonar Centre by the Night Van, almost two years ago as I had a bad maggot wound and needed to be hospitalized until it healed. I was brought all the way from Sethia Nagar - Saki Naka, and I am very grateful that some kind person called the van to take me in for treatment.

I was having trouble seeing things on the road and I was a bit scared about this. It was during my stay here that the kind Doctors noticed that I had developed cataracts in both eyes. So here I am, happy and safe and well-fed and also loved. But I'll let you know a secret.

I'd just love to have a Guardian Angel all to myself and I hope it will be you.



You can see how I got my name.

I'm tall broad and handsome, so what if I am blind. My rescuer was a dear lady called Mrs. Ahuja who lives in Tagore Nagar where I was born and grew up. She, noticed that I was bumping into things, so she made arrangements and brought me to IDA which I now love. I have good friends among the Vets, the Wardboys, the Volunteers and I am treated so well that, I've learned to like the easy life where I am pampered thoroughly.

Will YOU be my Guardian Angel? All of us need just one!


Hello from IDA India Deonar Centre. I'm Big-boy and I'm a tough guy as well but unfortunately, I became blind some years ago. No more roaming on the roads fighting with other dogs and exploring the city. I had to stay put and see that I was not run over. Then my very good friend, Mr. Golandas came to my rescue. I used to live on Mill Road, Kurla West but everything became a danger to me as I just couldn't see anymore.

The year was 2013 and this kind person, saw that I was brought to the Deonar Centre where he knew I would be safe. Because of his kindness, I am enjoying a comfortable life with all amenities for us doggies, and the best part is, I am perfectly safe here. Even if I get a bit sick, the Vets come and check me and prescribe meds which I am given straight away. Really like it here!

Now I need you to choose me and become my Guardian Angel. I know you won't let me down!


I'm a shy girl called Ginger. I've always been timid even when I was a pup, with my naughty brothers and sisters. Now I am quite old.

I've lived for quite a long time in Kurla West near BKC. Quite suddenly everything around me went black and I couldn't see there on. I was really lucky as a very nice young lady called Soumya, noticed I was blind who came to my rescue and sent me to the IDA India Centre. Here I am now, very well fed and looked after. I like the staff who look after us, all my friends who are in the specialty blind ward with me who also cannot see, the ward boys who's voices I know so well and I'm happy because I've never had so many friends before!

Now all I need is a kind person like you to become my Guardian Angel.


Hi! My name is Jock and I have been at the Deonar Centre from 2014.

I used to stay quite close by in Chembur at Navjeevan Nagar, but for some reason, I started having trouble seeing anything on the road. In Chembur there is a very good person called Rajesh, who has been caring for and feeding a whole lot of us dogs on the road for many years. As soon as he notices that one of us is sick or having some difficulty, he contacts the team at IDA India Deonar. It was he who understood that I was going blind and he was right. Now I can't see anything! But for us dogs that's not much of a problem. Our noses work very well indeed. As long as I can smell my friends around me and get the exciting smell of the good meal that is served twice a day, that's enough for me!

But I still need a special person; a real Guardian Angel. And I think that might be you!


Hello there, I am known as Mishti, because I am told by my loving care-takers that I look very sweet, exactly like the bengali sweet.

I was brought in some time ago by a kind person from Ghatkopar-East because I had a bad haematoma of one ear and it had to be operated. That's why I have one ear up and one ear down. When I was operated, the Doctors noticed that I had cataract in both eyes, so it was decided that I should stay in this safe comfortable Centre where only good things would happen to me. I like to sit up on the bench, I like the fans and the barking and talking of the other dogs because I am quite the social bumble-bee and welcome people too.

I hope I have a very sweet person out there waiting to be my Guardian Angel, because now, that is all I need. Could it be you?


Hi everyone, my name is Molly and I was rescued and brought to Deonar Centre in 2015.

I was rescued because I am blind and was quite helpless on the road. I feel bad to tell you this, but when the IDA India ABC Van staff saw me and came to my rescue, I was standing beside a big garbage bin in Chandivali. There was nowhere else for me to stand. We blind dogs have to eat, so I used to wait there for people to throw scraps of food every day along with their other garbage. It is so different now! I have a lovely room where I sit high up on the bench and enjoy the cool breeze of the fan. I'm fed such nice meals every day and I have medical attendants looking after me as I have a skin problem. Once I am cured, you'll see, I'll look great.

Now all I need is a kind person like you to become my Guardian Angel.
Thank you so much in advance!


I'm a quiet and sweet dog and my name is Moni. I came to the Deonar Centre quite long ago, in 2012.

I'm really happy to be here as I used to live in the Dharavi Slum area in Sion. All the people there are very very poor and they don't have much food to share with us doggies. But I must say, some of them are very kind to all us animals as well. Somebody noticed I was blind and I was then rescued by the IDA India ABC Van. It was so nice to come to the Centre. There is no need to worry about food, water, and even the heat or rain. I'm safe here and many kind people care for me as they love all of us animals rescued and housed at the Centre, I do have a bit of a skin issue right now but I will recover with all the love and treatments the doctors give me here.

I just need one more person to care for me - a Guardian Angel - and I hope it's you.


Hi, I'm Susie and I'm from quite a nice area in Mumbai,
Lokhandwala, Andheri West.

I was such a lovely pup and young adult, but unfortunately, I slowly became blind over the years. I have good friends in the area where I lived and they noticed I was having a problem seeing things. I was rescued, taken out of danger and sent to this lovely IDA India Deonar Centre. No problems here. I am well-fed, living in a nice cool enclosure along with other blind dogs and there are many good people who care for all of us and see to all our needs.

I only need one more good and kind person in my life now; my very own Guardian Angel, and I'm very sure it's you.


My name is Johnney and I've been at this wonderful Centre for the last three years.

I was rescued and brought in because a kind person called Mr. Ray, noticed I had become blind and just couldn't manage on the road. I used to be like a king in my area near BARC Chembur. If you are a street dog in Mumbai, it helps to be very big and strong because, other dogs give you the greatest respect. Once I got blind, it was a different story. So I had to be rescued and was brought to Deonar Centre. Love it here! I can relax anyway I please and have many good people catering to all my needs. I really like the good food served twice a day! Nothing like that when I lived on the road! Now all I need is one good person to become my Guardian Angel. This is a nice programme which helps our care-takers look after all us blind dogs in the best possible way.

Can you help too by becoming my very own Guardian Angel? After signing up, do come and meet me too!


Hi, I'm Jemma and I'm writing to you from my new home - the IDA India ABC Centre at Deonar. I used to stay in the suburb of Kandivali inside a school compound. It was a nice place and I liked to see the children come to school every day and run about and play at break time. Lots of kind people there and one day a special friend Sourabh, noticed that I was bumping into things. He contacted IDA and I got me a place to stay where I would be completely safe and well-looked after. I really like this place and I specially love weekends when I get to meed so many kind people called Volunteers.

Now I just need one more very nice person in my life, and that is you my dear Guardian Angel.


My good friends at the IDA India Deonar Centre named me "Raja". I think maybe, it's because of the way I look! But I came here, rescued from a horrible situation. Two very kind people in Chembur - Mom Rachna and her daughter Sayonee, saw me lying helplessly in a drain where I had fallen. They quickly called the IDA Helpline and the Van came and I was rescued. Only when I was brought out, they saw that I was blind. Yes, that's why I fell in the drain in the first place. It's tough to be blind and homeless in my city Mumbai. So glad I'm here now and have so many good people around me taking care of my needs.

Now I just need one more good friend to be my Guardian Angel. Is it you?


Hi, I'm Tommy from New Mill Road, Kurla West and I used to stay in a rough tough area of Mumbai. As you can all see, I've always been a tough guy and still am! Once when I was fighting with a strange dog who had entered my territory, I lost one eye in the battle. It was 2012 and I was brought to the IDA India Deonar Centre for my eye to be treated after a kind lady from my area called for help. The Doctors here noticed that I could not see from my other eye as well so I stayed here itself. My fighting days are over but I'm more than happy about that ! Good grub, good friends and a nice place to crash when I feel like it - what else does a guy like me need?

Oh Yes! Forgot! I just need a Guardian Angel now and I'm sure that is you!


Hi, I'm Bharati. I have been named after a sweet young girl who rescued me twice!

I was lying unconscious on the road one day, when she saw me, picked me up and took me to SPCA Hospital in Parel. There I was found to be anemic and malnourished and was kept under treatment until I recovered. I was later released in my Wadala location when I had recovered completetely, but one day, my young friend noticed that I couldn't see anything when she was feeding me. Yes, I had become blind. She then brought me to the IDA_-India Deonar Centre, where I have lived ever since, that is from two years ago.. I'm small and also sweet natured and just love interacting with people. I'm happy little dog so when I walk, I like to dance a bit. I'm really happy and safe now and what will really add to my happiness is if I get a Guardian Angel as son as can be.

I do hope it's you!


Hey there, I'm Gray. I've lived all my life in Bandra near Jogger's Park and now I am quite old. One of my friends, Nalini, who always watched over me, noticed I couldn't see at all. So on 10th August this year, I was brought in to stay at the IDA India Deonar Centre. I used to feel a bit scared on the road, since I am quite old now and cannot see. Here I'm safe, very well fed and so comfortable. I'm so glad that I had a good friend who saw to my safety.

All I need now is a wonderful Guardian Angel like you and my happiness will be complete.


I have a very pretty name. I'm called Sundari.I came quite a long time ago to our Deonar Centre, in 2008. I used to live in Dombivali and slowly I started losing my sight. A kind girl called Geeta, my friend, contacted Goodicia who helped me to come here to stay. I like eating so I put on lots of weight. But when I had a small accident, the Vets here put me on a diet! I'm quite okay now. I love to sit in my own special place under the bench outside. No enclosure for me!

I'm very happy but I will be even happier if you become my Guardian Angel.
Waiting for you!