First Spay / Neuter Camp for Dogs on Elephanta Island!

Our first spay/neuter camp at Elephanta Island, was conducted successfully! Elephanta Island 10km off the coast of Mumbai, the only access is by boats. 27 dogs were sterilised successfully in 2 days! Several problems were anticipated and dealt with; commute for one, power supply was another.  The island gets electricity for only 2 hours in a day, the Gram Panchayat could not fund this program but they offered us 2 large rooms. The head of the Panchayat who owns a restaurant also provided food for our staff. So we got going! We arranged for a diesel power generator, invited Dr. Jinesh Shah and Surgeon Dr. Zenobia to hold this camp and they readily agreed. Thanks doctors! Last picture shows the vets drawing water from the tube well at Elephanta!! Hats off to you Docs for working in such conditions!

Generous donors contributed towards this program and our good staff willingly offered to stay a dilapidated room without electricity.  Goodicia Vaidya went on the 5th February with the staff to settle them in and to prepare for the program and Fizzah Shah went on 7th February and stayed through to ensure that all was well. We hope to hold more such camps in the future now that we have gained confidence from this one.  

We take up challenges whenever we can... the animals need that we all move out of our comfort zones and do whatever can be done for them...the dogs here were suffering and so we took up the challenge and the journey has begun! 

This camp is thanks to the 'never-say-no' indomitable spirit of our very own Fizzah Shah (who you see in the photographs) & Goodicia Vaidya who put in all the hard work to see this through..! A big thanks to the two of them. 

Again, thank you all for making this happen..your support through donations and food for the dogs spay/neutered, was so vital to the project. We could never have done this without your support, which has made such a huge difference to the lives of these mute friends...We will keep you posted about the progress and future developments! Please see the attached photographs of the first camp....and thank you for being part of this journey.

Warm Regards,
Team IDA-India