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Hon'ble Supreme Court supports Dog Spay/neuter program

Dear all, Here is some excellent news for all the dog lovers in India.  The stray dogs matter was listed today before the Division Bench of the Supreme Court of India. In a very clear and good interim order (the final judgem

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Film on IDA India made in 2002

Kapil Garg, a volunteer used to bring street dogs for treatment to IDA India's Deonar Centre. While he was studying for Masters in Business Administration, he and his classmates had made a short 10 minute documentary on the work of IDA, and

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First Spay / Neuter Camp for Dogs on Elephanta Island!

Our first spay/neuter camp at Elephanta Island, was conducted successfully! Elephanta Island 10km off the coast of Mumbai, the only access is by boats. 27 dogs were sterilised successfully in 2 days! Several problems were anticipated and dealt w

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The Story of Teeny : A Memorable Rescue and Adoption

On the 18th of August 2014, I noticed a very tiny injured pup in a small cage in the Deonar Puppy Pen. As we never keep such young ones at the Centre, I immediately extracted her and went to find out her details. She had been rescued by a youn

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Elephanta Caves Project

IDA India has been struggling for several years to reach out to dogs & cats living on the island of Elephanta Caves, 10 km off the coast of Mumbai, and a major tourist attraction for its amazing caves. There is a small community of local

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